Construction Waste Intensity

Our client is looking to optimise the time and cost of their projects. The challenge is that the data they have on waste generated from projects is low resolution and inaccurate which makes it difficult to identify opportunities to design out waste during the design phase.

Construction sites generate numerous waste streams as part of the construction project, with builders always seeking opportunities to reduce costs on projects. 

Reducing waste represents an opportunity to achieve this.

Today, their best option is to use tools like BIM to try and optimise material usage but of course without data from the construction phase it is difficult to know if savings are being achieved through reduced waste.

An ideal solution for construction companies would be accurate waste intensity data that could be used by design teams to reduce cost on projects e.g. understanding that a large number of plasterboard sheets had to be trimmed by the same dimension.

With this type of solution, companies could use this accurate data to improve future projects and also compare their performance to competitors.

A key criteria for any solution is that it should not affect project costs or construction times.

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