Reduce the risk of depending upon one data source, by accessing hundreds

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If you’re currently accessing a single database you are 50% less likely to find the perfect solution

How do we know this?

50% of the time our users have found a shortlisted solution in one of the databases we access and none of the others.

This means without our aggregated data approach you’re likely to miss the solution you want to find the most.

Use AI & the global startup, scaleup and SME ecosystem as a strategic tool

AI search

Our AI tools help with search, shortlisting and clustering,  and  reveals hidden correlations between various solutions

Across databases

We surface & highlight the best companies from each of the databases we integrate with, based on your specific search

Find competitors

We compile competitor lists of a solution may you already know (or find on our platform) & want to know more about

Automated shortlisting

We create real-time shortlists of the solutions that are mentioned the most across our list of databases & datasets

News & Trend analysis

We surface & summarise news, trends & analysis related to your search, & extract the solutions listed

Go deep on one solution

View a company’s competitors, analysis, products & other data from over 100+ data sources.

Keyword analysis

We build real-time shortlists of solutions based on the data of a set of businesses you think are interesting.

Search via investors

Search for solutions using  investors and their portfolios as the focus, including competitors & detailed solution data

Search, Shortlist & Produce




Go broad & uncover

Access hundreds of databases, datasets & AI tools to uncover the best solutions, those that are different, those in different sectors & the most interesting…the hard ones to find.

Shortlist & curate

Overlay a broad range of filters and attributes on each solution drawn from hundreds of data sources, view deep content on each solution & shortlist the best options into categories.

Produce collateral

Use our presentation dashboard to take stakeholders through your shortlists, or automatically produce pre-formatted Powerpoint & Excel files

Build consistent collateral automatically & save huge amounts of time

Save significant time by downloading complete insights and solution data into pre-formatted Powerpoint & Excel files, or view via our shareable Dashboard with all content, assets, links & other dynamic information available.

How we source the companies you won't find any where else

Different data points are needed to accurately source across sectors & new problem types

We often find solutions via approaches such as social posts where a use case is discussed, or a research paper including emerging technology, or a client testimonial, or a news piece on a problem being solved, or a Top 10 list within an analyst’s blog, or multiple other ways.

At the moment these tasks are all done separately…we have built them into the one place.

Detailed filtering & curation

Consistent & accurate data drawn from multiple sources; financials, team, location, funding, customers & others

Find the hard to find

Find every company in every sector, using multiple databases & hundreds of datasets

Save time on collateral

We have automated the collation of images, videos, contact details, funding, procurement data & other information

Benefit from data aggregation

Our focus is on building functions and outcomes that benefit from being able to access multiple data sources

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