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Sustainable Packaging

Problem: Remove landfill plastics from the Consumer goods category

Solution: A potato starch-based plastic that is durable, soluble in water and compostable. The company is a team of bio-designers, engineers and scientists that have developed a new paradigm of packaging technology.

Diagnosing cancer

Problem: Provide diagnostic tools for use by the patient at home, used by the clinician or in a lab.

Solution: CoVentured uncovered service providers who operate in the screening and early diagnosis of chronic kidney diseases, lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, haematology, heart failure, severe asthma and COPD.

Renewable energy

Problem: Uncover different approaches to energy storage and generation

Solution: We uncovered scaling products across key challenge areas; non-lithium-based storage (hydrogen, thermal and wave), Recyclable materials for wind turbines, long-range weather forecasting and wave technology

Mining Technology

Problem: Scheduled maintenance on large-scale steel mills in mines is expensive and disruptive to mine operations

Solution: CoVentured uncovered optical sensor technology from the UK that when embedded in the large steel plates in a mill can track the density of steel. This data means maintenance can be predicted rather than scheduled.

Fire & forest management

Problem: Improve operational efficiency through the implementation of an enterprise workflow management system

Solution: We uncovered an enterprise-grade workflow and incident/response management platform, including critical mapping, document management, alert communications and other functions.

Fleet management strategy

Problem: Understand the fleet management space and inform strategy around BVP’s fleet product development

Solution: CoVentured uncovered insights into the fleet management sector, including key sectors and new technologies that are scaling, who the key players are and how they operate, alternate solutions that are creating new business models and customer propositions, new sources of data and the insights they provide, and other content for BP to make strategic decisions with

International money transfer

Problem: Strategically support multiple money transfer organisations and integrate their offerings in to the bank’s ecosystem

Solution: We uncovered a multi-rail platform that is pre-integrated with multiple service providers, requiring minimal changes to bank side integrations and come as a fully managed service

Winning new business

Problem: Provide new ideas for pitching new business with a global car manufacturer, helping reduce fatalities by protecting pedestrians and bicycle riders from cars

Solution: We uncovered several products that were included in the new business process, solving the problem using technology from the startup/scaleup ecosystem. Solutions included tech that can be used by scooter riders, bicycle riders and pedestrians that help warn them of vehicles, as well as making them more visible to car drivers.

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