Someone is already solving your problem.
We find them.

Look beyond the software, hardware & material solutions you already know.

Our clients have new problems to solve...

…like new technology, sustainability, speed of change, new competitors, new problems and big opportunities.

…like being constantly faced with new challenges for future product generations, which existing supply chain only partially covers.

We help our clients solve the problems that need to be solved, whether they be technology, materials, service, process, brand or human.

This is what we do.

Two approaches to help those tasked with solving problems

Our two core products cater for clients who prefer us to do the work, and those wanting to do the work themselves.

Our Unique Scouting Platform

Be faster, more accurate, broader & better informed when sourcing. We have aggregated hundreds of data sources into one space, included AI, & have built multiple efficiency workflows to streamline how you source & produce collateral.

Managed Services

We help you understand how your problem is already being solved, which approaches you should know about, who the best solutions are, and for those looking to partner or invest we screen them against your key criteria.

Be faster, more accurate, broader & better informed when scouting

  • Reduce the number of database subscriptions you need to do your job
  • Access the best datasets in the one place, wrapped in AI and efficiency gains

Find the smartest solution to your problem, by accessing the best data from the best databases…in the one place, with the power of AI.

Using aggregated data and our AI tool helps our clients search across multiple databases and datasets at once, build powerful shortlists, gather market & solution insights, and compile more accurate trend analysis.

Managed Services

We do all the work for you, helping you find the smartest software/hardware/materials, understand a market, gain insights into the different ways your problem is being solved, who you should know about, what you can learn from solutions, and if looking for partners or investments who fits your specific criteria.


Problem focused, curated insight into how your problem is already being solved in the startup & scaleup ecosystem. Understand the different approaches in the market and who you should know about.


Designed for clients wanting to proceed through to partnerships with the solutions worth working with. Due-diligence, meetings, information gathering and shortlisting of the best solutions to the problem.

We help our clients with one (or all) of these challenges

Technology Impact

Understand the impact of a particular technology on your business

Who you should know

What technology is emerging and who’s worth knowing

Understand & Learn

What could be learnt from how the best solutions do what they do

Who can you work with?

Which solutions can match your scale or assessment criteria

Competitive insight

Which solutions are your competitors partnering with

Discover new ideas

What ideas are in the market to help us solve our own problems?

A broad range of clients

Corporate Execs

Including operations, technology, finance, marketing, R&D, data, supply chain, HR and sustainability executives

Innovation Teams

We work with internal and external innovation teams, complimenting their existing work and solving problems


Corporate internal M&A, CVC and investment teams as well as external VCs, accelerators and others


We work with Big 4 groups, smaller consultants, systems integrators and others on helping solve their clients' problems

Ad/Media Agencies

Our work includes finding smart solutions for new business pitching, working on specific client briefs & other use cases


We assist formal procurement processes by finding solutions that should apply to specific EOIs, RFPs, tenders etc.

What our clients say

We used CoVentured to help work through strategically what was the best approach to solving our problem. They helped us understand where the market was heading and showed us solutions we hadn't thought of.
Head of Innovation
Astra zeneca
It took us 9 months to find a business we thought was a good fit. CoVentured found us a solution in weeks that was abetter fit for our business. They saved us many hundreds of thousands of Euros in time and opportunity costs.
Operations Director
BP - Europe

Trusted by leading corporates & consultants

Sustainable packaging

Problem: Remove plastics from Consumer goods (Asia)

Solution: A potato starch-based product that is durable, waterproof, soluble in water and compostable.

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