Maximizing packaging lifecycle value through smart collection

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of pulp, paper and other forest products is aiming to reduce virgin raw material consumption and the carbon footprint of their products and services.

To achieve this goal, there is a constantly growing need to better maintain the value of packaging materials and products.

Efficient collection and maintaining purity are key starting points for increasing the potential re-utilization of materials and reusable packaging. Smart collection technology can be an effective way to achieve this.

The corporation is looking for smart collection solutions for single-use and reusable packaging in the food service sector. The solution does not need to be one-size fits all and should consider a range of different situations including fast-food dining, takeaway, delivery, and events.

This problem can be addressed from a number of different angles. The miniaturization and improvement of robotics, computers, and sorting technologies has made it possible to relieve pressure on consumer sorting.

Additionally, reverse vending machine deposit schemes have proven to be quite successful and are becoming more common-place in European markets.

Examples of key features and focus areas

Take away & delivery

Take-away and delivery has become an increasingly popular format of food service globally, which increases the demand for effective collection of packaging in this area.

Fast food dining

The fast-food industry traditionally generates a lot of waste. We want to develop better methods of collecting the reusable packaging from those dining in fast-food restaurants.


Events such as concerts, festivals or conventions are places where large amounts of single-use products are served. Improved collection of packaging waste in this area can also strongly contribute towards the circular revolution.

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