Monitoring of refrigeration assets in the field

Unilever is looking to Optimise Information by giving our staff the ability to access improved location and status data from remote refrigeration assets

Unilever, a global conglomerate operating in over 190+ countries through 400+ brands used by around 2.5 billion people, are looking to solve a very interesting problem with the potential for global applications.

Operating the Streets and Ben & Jerry’s brand throughout Australia, they currently have around 40,000 fridge assets in active deployment across this market alone.

They are looking to discover innovative, highly cost-effective IoT/Hardware/Technology/data solutions to enable improved location management, tracking and monitoring of these assets – no matter their location in Australia (Metro, Regional, Remote).

Solutions could include


Could include inexpensive IoT monitoring devices that could be integrated/attached into existing fridge hardware (brand/type agnostic)


The device will need the ability to track/assign an asset to a location, with frequency to de determined as needed


  • Integration with existing in-house asset management systems
  • Monitoring/reporting on device status/temperature, etc.

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