Onsite Construction Waste Data

Our client generates numerous waste streams as part of the onsite construction process. The data they have on waste is inaccurate, not timely and low resolution.

For our client it’s a constant challenge to manage and track construction waste from their sites.

Every day, construction sites generate numerous waste streams as part if the construction project in order to build these projects on time and on budget.

The main problem they face is that the the data they have on waste is inaccurate, not timely (data reported after waste has been removed) and low resolution which leads to additional costs and insufficient information to identify opportunities to reduce the waste generated on site.

Today, their best option is to rely on data generated by the waste contractors but of course this data in many instances is based on visual inspections and estimates of waste volumes and is therefore a rough estimate at best and prone to inaccuracies.

An ideal solution would include the ability to gather accurate volume/weight data, waste type (eg concrete, plasterboard), and other meta data such as time, location, and waste size. The ability to track the waste to its final destination would also be desirable.

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