We help our clients choose whether to buy, build, partner or co-create

We work with strategy, technology, procurement, venture units and others in providing the insights they need to make a decision.

Understanding how the problem is already being solved

Good buy, build, partner decisions are based on what the market needs.

This is where our Discover product helps.

In some cases we help identify the problem and which solutions are already solving the problem, in others we are tasked with finding better solutions, or mapping your competitive landscape (read more here).

We answer the question; “Given this problem, what does the right solution look like? How is it being solved now?

Our Discovery product provides key data that helps our clients make good decisions;

  • Build – if building a product we provide insights into the different approaches already in the market and which solutions they could learn from…what is best practice
  • Buy – when buying a product there is a level of commitment that means the decision needs to be accurate. We help clients assess options against each other, including those they might not have thought of
  • Partner – Our clients go through the process of viewing the different approaches and choosing those solutions they want to talk to. Importantly, we make sure each solution matches minimum assessment/procurement criteria
  • Co-create – often the problem to be solved requires a hybrid model. Our Discovery product goes deep into approaches and solutions that can provide tech or services that compliment existing options

See Something Interesting?

Half of our work is in helping clients understand whether to buy, build, partner or co-create.