Our Products

Our two core products – Discovery and Partner


Problem focused, curated insight into how your problem is already being solved in the startup & scaleup ecosystem


Designed for clients wanting to proceed through to partnerships with the solutions worth working with


Our Discovery stage creates a unique way for corporates to understand how their problem is already being solved.


There's always more than one way to solve your problem

With our Discovery product we build themes around the different ways the market is solving our client’s unique problem. There are always multiple approaches to the same problem.


Knowing who the best solutions are makes for good decisions

Within each theme we find the best solutions, globally – the obvious options and those that might be solving the problem in a way our client had not considered.

Why is this so important?

The market tells us how it is solving your problem. 

Our way of working means we start with the different ways the problem is being solved, including ways our client might not have considered, and move on to who the smartest scaleups are you should talk to…clients can then make a decision based on what is best for their business.

Discovery deliverables

Uncover different approaches

There are always multiple ways to solve a problem. We uncover these and provide context and insights around each

Uncover the best solutions

Within each theme we find the solutions that are solving the problem already, including those doing it differently

Access global people networks

Access our global people network of VCs, CVCs, associations, accelerators, universities & people

Data tools & global data sets

Each Discovery phase utilises our unique data tool, aggregating 30+ datasets that automate the filtering process

Use the CoVentured platform

The CoVentured platform provides a company wide access tool for problem setting, access to collateral and solution data

Problem setting & support

Our team can assist with prioritisation, agreeing on the problem statement & writing the brief


Our Partner product is designed for corporates wanting to proceed to a partnership, supplier relationship or investment



From the Discover stage select the smartest solutions that are the best fit with your objectives



Selected solutions can go through our automated 80 point due-diligence checklist. No more unqualified vendors



Meet with screened solutions, learn more about them, their business and align on how to work together



Progress through to a pilot or POC, or a scaled rollout of the solution, or an investment

Partner deliverables

Move from Shortlist to Selected

Input into shortlisting appropriate solution(s), including clustering of options and recommendations of suitability

Meet the solutions worth meeting

Coordinated, one-on-one meetings with preferred solutions designed to progress through to a mutually beneficial partnership

Automated due-diligence

Our Supplier Assured tool checks  on compliance, client, and procurement data from each solution. No more unqualified vendors

Engagement with solutions

Following our Engagement Framework we provide ongoing deliverables, collateral, advice, and connections

CoVentured team expertise

We have done this 300+ times. Our team has vast experience across multiple sectors, problem and engagement types

Ongoing access to our platform

Access solution data, other corporate problem statements & in-depth data on selected solutions

Tackle different problem types

BAU or everyday problems

The types of problems that existing suppliers or internal teams can’t fix…but need to be fixed.

Horizon 2 & 3 future challenges

Challenges that are focussed on growth, efficiencies or new models/products/markets

Problems that are sector specific

Focus areas and challenges that are related to the specific sector our client operates in

Shared and common problems

Problems that businesses in other sectors also share, e.g. operations, people, supply chain, data, etc.

Corporates continuously seek more innovative suppliers but have rigid processes…if not in the magic quadrant or not long enough on record they’re screened out.

We screen them in.
1 +

We’ve done this 300+ times, across all sectors with clients in Asia, North America, Asia and Europe

1 +

In the last 12 months our clients are underway with 80 pilots, integrations, investments & RFPs.

1 +

We cover more than 70 countries. The problems we solve are global, so we have to be too.

Choose the product that suits the problem you're trying to solve

We charge a service fee for each project, either one-off or ongoing depending upon demand. Our pricing is tailored to suit the project, so contact us for more detail.


A full suite of expertise, tools & deliverables.

 Prioritisation of problems

 Brief Writing assistance

 Access to our People Network

 Access to our Data Tools

 Market insights into the problem

 Client competitor insight

 Clusters of problem approaches

In-depth data on solutions

 Extensive Final Report

 Details for contacting solutions


Includes all everything in Discovery, plus…

Solutions Contacted

Functional assessment

Further shortlisting

Automated Due-Diligence


One-on-One Meetings

Follow up Collateral

Guidance & Expertise

Discovery or Partner?

We know each brief is different, and each client is different, so let's talk through where we might be able to help.

Our Products

Our two core products – Discovery and Partner