Alternative packaging for construction

Our client is looking to reduce the waste generated from materials packaging on their sites, including soft plastic, styrofoam and other products, e.g. soft plastic wrap used to stabilise a pallet of bricks.

Every day, construction sites generate significant volumes of soft plastic and Styrofoam as part if the packaging used to protect materials used in the construction project e.g. soft plastic wrap used to stabilise a pallet of bricks.

The main problem they face is that there are few options for recycling which leads to difficulty in meeting sustainability targets like zero waste.

Today, their best option is to try and sort the waste on site and outsource the problem to waste contractors.

An ideal solution for the industry would be to eliminate this packaging all together or to use alternative materials that had clear options for recycling into other products or were compostable.

With this type of solution companies would be closer to achieving zero waste to landfill goals on there construction projects.

A key criteria for any solution is that it should not affect project costs or construction times.

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