Removing plastics from laundry product packaging

Unilever is looking to Improve Environmental Sustainability by giving our customers the ability to purchase environmentally sustainable, plastic-free laundry products.

Unilever has a global goal of reducing/removing the use of plastics across their product portfolio. The company’s mantra and framework is: Less plastic. Better plastic. No plastic.

They are looking to discover new or existing products and/or material solutions that could replace current packaging for their laundry detergent capsule range of products.

Laundry detergent capsules are a concentrated liquid detergent enclosed in a water-soluble film. The water-soluble film should not be exposed to moisture while in the packaging in order to maintain the product quality and safety.

Solutions could include

Plastic free

Plastic-free, environmentally sustainable packaging products used to store laundry detergents which contains enzymes

Child safe

Plastic-free packaging closures that are child impeding and are effective through the lifetime of the pack


Packaging solutions that offer a unique or new customer experience whilst complying with the mandatory requirements of the brief

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