View validated data on potential solutions before you start talking

Customised procurement criteria

You set the minimum criteria when publishing a PPR.

Know what you need to know upfront

Scaleups load all procurement data when registering.

Validation of data

Important vendor data is confirmed by us.

Enterprise ready businesses

Don’t talk to vendors you can’t work with.

Raise or lower your selection criteria

  • You set the bar high or low depending upon the minimum requirements
  • We filter out vendors that fail to meet your criteria
  • Includes technology criteria, QA plans, ethical supply chains, gender diversity, sustainability, legal, financial, policies and procedures and a whole lot more.

Only deal with vendors you can work with

  • Our platform automatically curates scaleups
  • Avoid wasting each other’s time
  • Don’t talk to vendors that aren’t compliant.

Include procurement criteria in your PPR

  • Set your minimum procurement criteria when running a PPR
  • Include any must haves, such as QA compliance, regulatory, geographies, etc.

More about Procurement

Each Scaleup that registers for your PPR goes through our 90 point checklist. To provide reassurance around key data we validate certain information.

Should Scaleup A indicate they work with Corporate B, the key client at Corporate B will confirm the relationship. Should it be required this process applies to other data (ISO certification, technology, etc.)

When you set up your PPR you can establish your must-have procurement or compliance items. To avoid wasting time each Scaleup as they register must satisfy these criteria or you will not see them in your PPR.

To view all Scaleups that have responded, including those that don’t meet your minimum criteria, you can clear the filter options on the search page

Scaleups that have previously applied for a PPR, and have been through our registration process, are able to apply for your PPR if they feel their business can solve the problem