Increase the outcomes from formal procurement processes

Make sure the right solutions participate

We work with procurement teams on making sure that the best businesses proceed through any formal procurement process (EOI, RFP, tender, etc.), not just those in your network.

Not every problem can be solved by existing vendors, or from within existing networks, or by larger businesses – this is the problem we solve.

Decrease time-to-value by finding the best solutions.

We find the businesses that are already solving a particular problem, locally &/or globally;

  • We make sure they take part in our client’s formal process
  • Our approach is built on finding businesses that solve the problem, not just those that have the time or inclination to respond to an EOI.
  • We make sure the solutions we find can get through procurement, avoiding unqualified vendors.
  • Our process is complimentary to existing procurement practices.
  • Move beyond the businesses you already know

The challenge with procurement processes is that the outcome is only as good as the reach of the network and the requirements for the problem.

Smaller businesses are more reluctant to take part in lengthy, complex responses.

Our approach is to curate a selection of solutions based on their ability to solve the problem and their match to the minimum criteria.

Engaging with SMEs

Expecting the best solution to respond to a formal process from within the startup/scaleup sector is problematic;

  • Procurement teams judge responders based on the match to requirements, removing any solution that might solve the problem in a different and more effective way.
  • Procurement networks do not reach the full extent of the global/local emerging business ecosystem
  • These growing businesses might not engage with an open competitive tender process – in our experience those that respond have the time to respond and are not necessarily the best solutions in the market
  • Accessing international RFP opportunities can be challenging, meaning only local businesses will apply

How can we help?

Each procurement process is different, so let's catch up to discuss the context and details.