Features & functions

Benefit from aggregated data and a suite of tools & functions


Get started without needing to understand the problem

Getting started

Get started by using a single term. Our AI tool builds summaries of the problem, finds trends and insights and builds lists of keywords.

Quickly gain an understanding of the problem

Our AI tool automatically generates a description and top trends related to the problem space to assist with quickly understanding more.

Go deeper as you uncover more within the problem space.

Keyword builder

Automated building of keywords, including broad and specific so you can look broadly or drill down. We also generate a more complex taxonomy for any challenges requiring deep tech, bio, academia or other scenarios.

Alternative search options

Continue to stretch search options by automatically generating additional, aligned & diagonal terms that provide a lateral approach to the problem.

This approach continually surfaces interesting solutions.


Search through the best databases & datasets all at once

Select pre-categorized datasets to search through

Choose clustered, single or your preferred datasets to analyse based on the type of search you are wanting to conduct.

Keywords operate across multiple datasets all at once

The keywords you choose are applied across the selected datasets in real-time, providing instantly prioritised shortlists.

Solutions are prioritized to suit the problem

Results are displayed in order of relevancy to the problem, with summary information & clickable links to avoid multiple web tabs and documents.

Filter through solutions, across every database, using key data points

Only see solutions that match your criteria, across every database, in real-time, for assessment and shortlisting.

AI generated Top 10

Automatically generated shortlists using AI. We understand the benefits (and limitations) of AI and have built workflows that provide accurate, targeted and validated shortlists of solutions

Quick Pick Top 10

We check against 50+ analyst, industry, social and media datasets for the most accurate Top 10 solutions lists. 

We have built workflows that scrape any solutions from within the content, avoiding the need to have multiple databases and web tabs open.

Most Mentioned

We find the solutions that are mentioned the most across multiple databases, against your keywords, and create shortlists in real-time.

Use analysis, news & insights to find good solutions

We use insights, trend and analyst reports, news & blogs as a source of solutions against your keywords.

Any solution mentioned in the content is extracted and provided for possible shortlisting.


Look at a single company & find competitors across >200 datasets

Focus on a single company

Use a particular solution as a focus point to understand more, find competitors and continue to build your shortlist

View content on one solution across multiple datasets and other tools

  • Correlate content on a single solution by choosing single or groups of datasets and view outputs
  • Discover additional content on the solution and find competitors

View news, analysis & other content on a single solution, plus their competitors

  • We surface trend reports, news, social posts, any analysis and other information related to a single company
  • These content sources also surface competitors and other solutions that might be relevant. We scrape any solutions from the content for any shortlisting decisions


Curate your shortlist & apply assessment criteria

Create solution categories

As you shortlist solutions drag them into groups that help you separate or distinguish certain characteristics from each other.

View in-depth data on each solution

Data is derived from 150+ different data sources and allows you to view detailed information on each shortlisted solution.

View insights & news, descriptions, features, company data, funding, staff numbers & contacts, investors, competitors & other info to inform shortlisting decisions.

Filter solutions based on your criteria

Validate important criteria against shortlisted solutions

Filter using criteria that is important to your search, including company data, funding, staff numbers & contacts, investors, competitors & other info to inform shortlisting decisions.

Criteria matched against hundreds of datasets

We look for evidence of each criteria against every shortlisted solution within the hundreds of databases and datasets we access.

Filter out businesses that don’t match your assessment criteria

Filter out the solutions that match your key criteria related to the problem or enterprise, removing any time wasted on talking to businesses you might not be able to work with.


Dramatically reduce the time it takes to produce collateral

Instantly produce content in different formats

Export each solution, including all imagery, video, logos, text, links, insights and other content to pre-formatted and design Powerpoint, or as Excel files. Stakeholders can also view all content via the dashboard.

Export your shortlist & other content to Powerpoint or Excel

Save significant time by downloading complete insights and solution data into pre-formatted Powerpoint & Excel files, or view via our shareable Dashboard with all content, assets, links & other dynamic information available.