Automation of the complex

We have automated the connection between your problem & the global solution ecosystem.


Multiple global datasets are diagnosed, weighted and ranked.


A vast, global, connected network of people & organisations.

Quality & Relevance are key

We weight and rank each scaleup according to the quality of their business and relevance to each PPR.

Quality & Relevance are key

  • Each PPR automatically taps into data & our people network
  • We leverage open, private & our own data sets of global scaleups
  • Proprietary tools focus on the obvious & different solutions within the data
  • Key weighting & ranking algorithms ensure accuracy

Access our People network

  • Each PPR automatically connects with a global collection of people & organisations
  • Our Network of Networks stretches across sectors & borders
  • Includes 30,000+ Venture Capitalists (VC), Corporate VCs, accelerators, R&D labs, industry associations, individuals, universities, & others.

Each scaleup is weighted & ranked

  • Our Quadrant Model includes Quality and Relevance scoring
  • Automatically tailored for each new PPR
  • Enables us to find businesses that fit the brief and those that are outliers.