Reducing over irrigation in residential areas

Water Corporation (Water Corp) the central government body responsible for water management in the Western Australia is looking to discover innovative solutions that can help their residential water scheme customers reduce water usage in their outdoor areas.

Western Australia currently has a range of water restrictions/sprinkler rosters in place to help reduce non-essential water consumption however compliance is a regular issue due to a range of direct and indirect factors.

Any potential solutions need to factor for a wide range of customers and technical capabilities across their customer base.

Products that can be easily programmed or natively learn to adapt to real-time weather conditions to minimise water usage when watering isn’t required.

Solutions could include

Remotely controlled

Products that could be remotely controlled/monitored (with the customer’s consent) to optimise their watering requirements on their behalf.

Sensors & Data

Sensors that can guide/educate/alert customers when they do or do not need to water based on sensor data.

Products & Services

Innovative and creative products or services that can factually demonstrate their ability to conserve water


  • Must be able to operate in Western Australia (Mandatory)
  • Demonstrate water usage reduction under normal operating conditions

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