Fleet management Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

BP is looking to Improve Energy Efficiency by giving our customers the ability to track, manage and make strategic decisions to improve the efficiencies of their fleets.

BP has hundreds of thousands of customers with in excess of 2 million + fleet vehicles (Trucks, Vans, Cars, EVs) across Europe.

A core component is being able to efficiently manage their TCO to ensure their fleet’s optimal performance is being achieved.

We are looking for data platforms and new sources of data that can accurately and intelligently track the TCO of fleets.

To determine this, multiple data points are combined to provide visibility around the operation of the fleet assets including;

  • Maintenance (historical, real-time & predictive)
  • Operational performance (Trips, efficiency, telematics, etc)
  • Operational costs (Insurances, Registrations, Tolls, fuels/charging, tyres etc)

Solutions could include

Data Platforms

 Data platforms that enable fleet customers to optimise their TCO, or have fleet-related data which could be integrated with a centralised platform to support TCO knowledge

Countries of operation

Countries the vendor must service.

  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • UK & Northern Ireland


  • Must be able to operate in the European market (Mandatory)
  • Can comply with European GDPR data requirements (Mandatory)
  • Able to integrate proprietary in-house BP datasets (Mandatory)

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