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A selection of the problems we are currently solving for our clients

Predictive Maintenance solutions in manufacturing

The enterprise is a multinational manufacturing organisation and is looking to reduce downtime and increase efficiencies of operating equipment across various manufacturing sectors by utilising software, hardware, data analysis and other solutions in the predictive maintenance space.

Maximizing packaging lifecycle value through smart collection

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of pulp, paper and other forest products is is looking for smart collection solutions for single-use and reusable packaging in the food service sector.

Reducing over irrigation in residential areas

Watercorp is looking to discover innovative solutions that can help their residential water scheme customers reduce water usage in their outdoor areas.

Removing Plastics From Laundry Product Packaging

Unilever is looking to Improve environmental sustainability by giving their customers the ability to purchase environmentally sustainable, plastic-free laundry products

Fleet management total cost of ownership

BP is looking to Improve energy efficiency by giving their customers the ability to track, manage and make strategic decisions to improve the efficiencies of their fleets.

Energy solutions that decarbonise supply chains

Our client is looking to Improve environmental sustainability by giving their staff the ability to work with partners that help both decarbonize their business and contribute to global efforts.

Enterprise workflow management system for fire management

NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service is looking to improve existing processes and operational efficiency through the implementation of an enterprise workflow management system, specific to fire management.

Monitoring of refrigeration assets in metro, regional & remote areas

Unilever is looking to optimise information by giving their operational teams the ability to access improved location and status data from remote refrigeration assets

Robotic solutions for residential construction

A global construction manufacturer is looking to improve existing processes by giving their contractors the ability to use advanced robotic solutions to increase the speed of residential construction.

Disruptive solutions for garden & deck maintenance

Dulux Group is looking to improve product competitiveness by giving their customers the ability to make gardening and decking tasks more enjoyable through automation & advanced technologies.

Automotive workshop management platforms

Castrol is looking to Increase customer retention by giving their workshop customers the ability to digitise and deploy online automotive workshops management software platforms for the purpose of increasing customer loyalty, operational efficiency and data insights.


Smart access and security solutions for homes

B & D is looking to Improve customer engagement by giving their customers the ability to securely monitor, access and secure their home at all times.

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