Be inspired by global solutions & spark disruptive ideas.

Why Ideation?

We’ve learnt that every idea is already being solved somewhere.

Ideation can be systemised – we help organizations generate and refine concepts and ideas by looking at what is already in the market.

Sometime this results in partnerships, or is used to benchmark an internal build process.

Through our Discovery product solutions/ideas are gathered, aggregated, analyzed, and evaluated against what our client is looking for.

Use the startup world to find new ideas

We work with corporates, consulting groups, advertising agencies and others to find new, smart, different and innovative ideas to solve their problems. (Click here for how we work with consulting groups and agencies)

  • Systemize and motivate ideation
  • Streamline idea submission processes
  • Get stakeholder buy-in and engagement

Access game-changing innovation

We help clients build innovation and idea pipelines by uncovering which trends, technologies, and risks they need to pay attention to around a particular problem or challenge;

  • Compare internal ideas from a hackathon or ideation process – find solutions already solving the problem and establish whether to build or partner
  • Assess businesses that you know against the market – are they best practice?
  • Access a collective intelligence through the solutions we find

See Something Interesting?

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