Our Network of Networks

Our way of working is highly accurate, combining vast global people networks with our unique data tool & our team of analysts.

People Networks

We access our people network of 25,000+ VCs, corporate VCs, accelerators, incubators, universities, associations & individuals

Datasets & tools

Our curation tool aggregates 30+ global startup/scaleup datasets into one place, enabling discovery, comparison & correlation


We don’t believe you can automate the whole process. Our team of analysts manually curate insights, trends & the best global solutions.

Why is this so important?

To be effective at what we do we believe that both a people network and a broad-reaching data tool are needed. It is impossible to know everyone or to find a data set that is comprehensive & accurate across all sectors, so we combine the two.


Global networks

For every project, we begin with communicating with our people network, a global collection of people and organisations that refer solutions to us.

A recent project resulted in 450 referrals, including the obvious solutions and those left-field options with use cases and case studies that do not exist in data sources.

Our People network

  • Our Network of Networks stretches across multiple sectors, technologies, materials, hardware, services & borders
  • Includes 25,000+ of some of the world’s leading Venture Capitalists, Corporate VCs, accelerators, R&D labs, industry associations, individuals, universities, manufacturers, labs & others
  • Referrals from our people network often reveal left-field solutions that do not exist in data sources and are difficult to find but have use cases that are important
  • Our network has taken many years to build and is continually curated and grown with new and existing participants in the startup, scaleup and SME ecosystem  
  • As we do not ask for solutions for payment the network engages with us actively


Global data

Our People Network can help inform where we start with our data work, providing intel into a problem that we expand upon using our proprietary data tool.

As we learn more from the data work we go back to our networks and continually iterate to ensure each search is exhaustive and accurate.

Datasets & tools

  • Our data tool combines data from over 30+ global private and public datasets into one platform
  • Data sources include startup/scaleup/SME databases, business analytics, news, social, patents, VCs/CVCs and multiple other sources
  • Provides correlation of a solution across multiple data sources, the discovery of competitors, uncovering of use cases and case studies, known clients & other options
  • Allows us to focus on both the easier-to-find solutions & those different options that can be difficult to find using one dataset or one approach
  • Key weighting & ranking algorithms ensure accuracy and provide focus amongst the vast amount of data
  • Aggregating sources compensates for both inconsistent and inaccurate data across various sources, as well as the issue that not all businesses explain what they do well

Talk to us about your problems

Verbalising a problem internally can be difficult. We often help our clients with this process.