Finding the right partner, supplier or vendor

We work with executives who are tasked with solving a problem and need to find a solution outside the current set of suppliers or internal teams.

Find the smartest partner, that can also get through procurement

Our Partner product identifies the emerging technologies, hardware or materials, processes, services or models relevant to your problem. 

Learn how they operate, which approach they take to solving your problem, and procurement details to make sure you can actually work together.

  • Curated scouting of technologies, hardware,  materials and services
  • Pinpoint solutions and take action
  • Solve current/everyday problems and longer term strategic challenges
  • Align teams and inspire management to focus on particular solutions
  • Reveal any risks and further opportunities

Our clients are executives across a broad range of remits

Our clients work in operations, innovation, finance, technology, R&D, product management, marketing, human resources, data, venture units.

  • Insight into the different ways your problem is being solved (Our Discovery product)
  • Understand who the best solutions are in each approach
  • Identify technologies, risks, and what competitors are doing
  • How is the business landscape being changed by existing solutions

Find the solution fixing your problem in the way that's most beneficial to your business

Discover opportunities;

  • Are there approaches to your problem you are not aware of? Who are the best businesses to talk to? 

Look at the best options before engaging;

  • Assess who is taking the right approach and which solutions works best with your strategy

Understand how to integrate;

  • How are the best solutions already solving the problem and what can you learn?

Make sure you can work together

  • We curate who you talk to based on your minimum criteria; governance, technology, ESG, procurement, etc.

See Something Interesting?

We have done this over 300 times and have helped multiple clients find the right partner - contact us for more.