Informing strategy through insight into the innovators

Use our Discovery product to connect your corporate strategy to those already innovating

  • Identification of growth opportunities
  • Visibility of the broad approaches already in the market – communities of expertise
  • Understanding of the gap between your plan and those solutions already in the market
  • Alignment of budgets, strategy, growth initiatives, and execution

Why corporate strategy needs to know what is already in the market

Better decisions are made by knowing your market.

Corporate strategy guides processes, positioning, partnerships, and resource allocation and can be informed by having visibility of how existing solutions are already solving your problem.

Our Discovery product is often used in conjunction with other data points by teams that devise and implement strategy…we are complimentary to other forms of intel such as research and competitive analysis.

Analyze the strategic environment

We help identify what is driving change in your industry and beyond by identifying both the different approaches to the problem and those that have already built and grown solutions.

Insights into established solutions helps understand where the gaps are between your strategy and execution;

  • Is there a budget shortfall
  • Are extra resources required
  • Does the business case stack up
  • Will it take longer to execute than forecast
  • Are there any technical/integration issues
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Translate strategy into actionable initiatives

Our Discovery product helps move growth initiatives to execution – identify bottlenecks, align teams and establish synergies.

How can we help?

There is more context to help with strategy development, so please contact us for more.