Look at what your competitors are doing through a different lens

We look at competitive analysis differently

When our corporate clients want to know what their competitors are doing, or who a particular supplier or potential investment’s competitors are, we approach it differently.

We are not like strategic consulting groups (Bain, McKinsey and others).

We do not write strategy, rather we look at the products or services in the startup/scaleup/SME ecosystem and analyse what their strategy means for our clients, or for their competitors.

For corporates looking at their competitors

We are often asked to provide analysis (through our Discovery product) on who our corporate client’s competitors are partnering with, what these partners are doing with the competitors and what that indicates strategically.

We start by looking for any startup, scaleup or SME business that is working with our client’s competitor and develop insight into what they are doing that might give the competitor an advantage;

  • What problem is the solution solving for the corporate competitor of our client
  • Are there other partners involved that combine to provide a product or service
  • Insights, data, research and other information into the problem space

For corporates looking at new suppliers or investments

Those clients that are focused on finding a partner, or an investment within the startup/scaleup or SMEs ecosystem use our Discovery product to understand who the competitors are…are they the best version of the problem to be solved?

  • How else is the problem being solved that could be worth looking at – is there a better way?
  • Who are their main competitors, both larger and smaller
  • Who are their clients, what information have they published, and other company based data

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