We've done this a few times (300+)

We're on a mission to connect the world's leading corporates with the best scaling businesses.

A broad range of use cases

Our clients range from executives with problems to solve, innovation teams tasked with solving what’s next, investment teams looking for deal flow, procurement teams running formal processes and others.


Understand a market to assist with developing strategic direction around a particular problem

Assess internal Build projects

Understand how the market is solving your problem before building technology internally

Create investment deal flow

Find, assess & invest in businesses that match your thesis or business strategy

Source new vendors & partners

Find a new supplier that solves your problem effectively & can get through procurement

Discover new ideas & approaches

Use the global startup & scaleup  ecosystem as a source of ideas for solving a problem

EOI/RFP/Tender participants

Ensure the best solutions are taking part in your formal procurement process

Global Presence

Our headquarters are based in Sydney, with team in Asia, Europe and North America.

Our History

CoVentured was originally spun out of Australia’s largest corporate accelerator, Slingshot, by CEO Anthony Johnston and has become the strategic and partnership tool for over 300+ programs across 20 countries.

We have built an extensive global reach into smart, driven, successful emerging technology regardless of where they are. Our mission is to help corporates solve the problems that internal teams can’t fix or existing suppliers are unable to.

Our team are global, our corporate clients are global and the supply of scaleups is sourced from over 97 countries.