Our most recent work

As we work through our clients problems we have accumulated experience across most sectors and problem types (software, software/hardware, materials, health and others)

Here’s a few recent examples to give you an idea of the types of problems we take on;

  • Sustainable Packaging (Consumer Goods) – packaging options that replace plastics in laundry products with alternates
  • Emission tracking and cost optimisation of large fleets (Oil & Gas) – track, manage and make strategic decisions to improve the efficiencies of large fleets of cars, trucks and vans.
  • Pricing Life Insurance (Insurance) – a SaaS based platform that simplifies and automates the process of pricing life insurance
  • Renewable Energy (Heavy Machinery) – energy solutions that decarbonise supply chains, including hydrogen, waste optimisation, future energy, and carbon offset opportunities
  • Remote water monitoring (water utility) – Ph and chlorine testing, analysis and dosing on water pipelines in remote areas
  • Robotics & Automation (Construction) – robotic solutions that increase the speed, safety and quality of onsite residential construction
  • Forestry Management (Forestry) – solutions that generate and process data to create accurate, updated and personalized forest management plans
  • People movement in smart buildings (Manufacturer) – smart sensor solutions that can increase our client’s understanding of how people use and move in smart buildings
  • Residential water usage (Water Utility) – decreasing over irrigation and general water use in residential and commercial customers
  • Renewable Energy Sources (Electrical Manufacturer) – new revenue models based on data derived from EV, storage or solar generation
  • Cancer Detection – (Pharmaceuticals) – devices for home-based screening for various types of cancer
  • Fire and marine emergencies (Government) – improving operational efficiencies with a focus on bushfire management
  • Content Distribution (Telecommunications) – telecommunications company looking for video and content distribution solutions
  • Asset Tracking (Consumer Goods) – IoT that tracks fridges & freezers in retail outlets across metro, regional and remote areas, with 6 year battery life and location data
  • New Products (=Banking) – businesses that support multiple international money transfer service providers and can integrate their offerings into our client’s ecosystem
  • New Business Models (Chemical Manufacturer) – technology that improves the output of residential gardens, including robotics, sensors, data & others
  • Smart Homes (Manufacturer) – technology, hardware, software and new models that enable perimeter access, control and security for residential homes
  • Fleet Management (Oil & Gas) – data platforms and aggregated sources of data that enable large fleet managers to monitor & optimise heavy vehicle costs
  • Heavy Machinery (Steel Manufacturer) – using optical sensors embedded in steel to track density for maintenance scheduling
  • Health & Wealth Tech (Insurance) – detection, prevention and treatment services for mental health issues
  • Energy Storage (Machine Industry) – remote recharging of batteries for construction using renewable sources
  • Pedestrian Safety (Car Manufacturer) – hardware and devices that make pedestrians and bike riders more visible to car drivers, reducing fatalities
  • eCommerce (Consumer goods) – product, content and community for sports teams wanting to source jerseys for players
  • Predictive maintenance (Oil & Gas) – data sources from manufacturing and platforms that provide opportunities to shift from scheduled to predictive maintenance
  • Sustainable packaging (Packaging) – Maximizing fast food packaging lifecycle value through smart collection and reporting
  • Robotic Solutions for Residential Construction (Construction) advanced robotic solutions to increase the speed of residential construction